A different view of migration

Conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa are now threatening, damaging or destroying the lives of more than 200 million people. Many want to escape from the region, and the flow of migrants is causing arguments in Europe: some people want to welcome them and others want to keep them out.

There are now endless arguments about how many migrants should be accepted. Strangely there is less discussion about the only long term solution: making countries safer, so that people don’t need to escape.

It has now been proven many times that elections are not a solution. In Egypt, Iraq and many other countries, elections have triggered more conflicts. In Syria, the government decided to face death and destruction rather than accept old-style democracy. That’s why Live Forum TV has been developed, as a new and safe way for people to decide their future.

In the particular case of the Middle East, deep-set anger and bitterness will have to be resolved before Live Forum TV can start. The first step, which will take years, is to reduce the anger and hatred between communities, as described in Life After Democracy. This will take time because mutual distrust and hatreds have been ingrained by years of conflict.

This means that migration towards Europe cannot be stopped quickly, but at least a real solution is now available: a way to help people to achieve safety in their own countries.

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