A new opportunity for Hong Kong

On 18th June Hong Kong’s legislature decided not to accept a package of reforms proposed by the Government of China. This was broadly because a number of members wanted to move further towards a traditional form of democracy.

Might this persuade China’s leaders to shift their position? China continues to take a firm stand against calls for western-style democracy, and the penalties faced by anyone on the Mainland calling for change can be severe, so differences of opinion seem likely to continue for a very long time.

Remarkably, there is now a way round the problem.

The weaknesses of traditional democracy have become alarmingly clear in recent years, so even the most ardent advocates in the West have started to recognise that their system has serious faults and failings. Now an alternative form of connection between people and governments has emerged, and it’s likely to solve problems in many parts of the world.

In Hong Kong the tensions between leaders and dissidents can be reduced by stepping away from the arguments about who can nominate candidates for an election. Instead there can be a safe and constructive discussion about an entirely new relationship between people and government, described at LiveForumTV.com.

Live Forum TV enables people to discuss and vote on issues that are important to them, without the structures of old-style democracy that China’s leaders regard as dangerous.

Naturally it will take time to for all sides to review and understand the new formula. Then it can be introduced gradually, starting with trials so that people on all sides can see how the Forum works before anything is broadcast on television. Trials will show that the Forum will not replace any of the existing arrangements in Hong Kong: it will work in parallel – and resolve many of the present tensions.

The Live Forum TV format was developed by the Live Forum Foundation in Geneva. The Foundation offers explanations and discussions to ensure that everyone understands how the new arrangement can support the people and the Legislature in Hong Kong and satisfy the concerns of China’s government.


See our short video explaining Live Forum TV.com.

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