Life after democracy

A new connection between people and governments

Live Forum TV enables the public to understand and contribute to national decisions.

Questions of national importance

Every week Live Forum TV addresses a question that is important in people’s lives:

  • Specialists offer information and options for everyone to consider
  • People from different regions of the country discuss the options
  • TV viewers can show when they ‘like’ what is said. Speakers with most ‘likes’ have more time to speak
  • The discussion helps everyone to understand the options and costs
  • The nation votes by telephone

The result

The result is presented to government leaders:

  • A clear measurement of well-informed public opinion makes it easier for leaders to respond
  • When leaders respond, people no longer feel that their needs are ignored
  • Fewer people resort to extremism and violence

A new form of politics

Protests and demands are replaced by people learning and voting:

  • Discussing the options helps to develop understanding and respect
  • Speakers do not represent political parties or religions, so many arguments are avoided
  • Removing the aggression from politics enables everyone, including women, to participate as equals
  • A new question is considered every week – there is no waiting for elections

For more details, see the video Background of Live Forum TV , or the Purpose page of this website.