What can we learn from Yemen?

Violence in Yemen has led to military action by neighbouring countries, so another region is sinking further into full-scale war. Countless lives and homes will be lost, prompting us to wonder if Live Forum TV could have saved the situation, or at least made it less catastrophic. The answer is that Yemen faced too many problems and the situation deteriorated too far – but that should encourage a start in other countries before serious violence starts.

Live Forum TV enables people to learn about options that are available to their government, and to express their preferences safely and positively so that leaders can respond – but it cannot work where politicians or extremists have whipped up hatred and violence, forcing people to focus on survival.

The good news is that in most countries it can work. Where basic education and communications are available, Live Forum TV can help people to make safe and practical choices, and express them in ways that build a better relationship with their leaders. When people can understand their country’s options and feel that their opinions will be heard, there is less frustration and anger and less risk of violence.

So, as the world faces more extremism, it’s vital to start reducing the threat as soon as possible. Live Forum TV can help, provided a start is made before anger and violence take hold.

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