Voting to change the world – without triggering violence

Faults in democracy have been tolerated for centuries, but this year is different. The problems have become more serious – and a solution has emerged.

The US presidential election and the UK referendum have decided very important issues by narrow margins, leaving half of the people in two great nations feeling pleased, and the other half feeling angry and resentful. The campaigns were loaded with insults, accusations and promises that may never come to fruition, so the upsets will last for a very long time.

Leaders, as always, have talked afterwards about healing divisions, but that is easier said than done. Winners and losers feel that arguments used against their beliefs were unreasonable, insulting and untrue, so there are deep feelings of injury and injustice. Among the consequences of aggressive campaigning has been a return of the worst of human behaviours: extremism and hate crimes.

In this aftermath of two major democratic events, it is amazing that none of the advances in human relations and technology of the last hundred years have been used to stop the drift towards divisions and violence. A solution is available, to improve the way that democracy works: Live Forum TV cuts out party politics, sub-divides complex issues and replaces head-on clashes with a process that builds consensus.

When you get into the detail of avoiding clashes, it becomes clear that issues have to be sub-divided or separated. When a large number of important questions are raised at the same time, and have to be decided with a single vote, people feel that their whole lives are in the balance. Fears, tension and anger are inevitable.

With today’s technology, bite-size questions can be identified and addressed, one at a time. Live Forum TV raises a topic every week in a format that is the opposite of traditional political talk shows, which stir arguments and produce no useful conclusion. It presents questions and finds answers that a majority of the public can support. Then the results are given directly to the leaders of all political parties, so they have fewer arguments with each other. Politicians tend to respect public opinion because it’s the way to win votes.

That highlights the importance of public opinion being based on reality, not on campaign promises. Live Forum TV enables people to learn about issues before expressing an opinion, and reduces the influence of those who make simplistic demands or resort to insults and violence. The process also favours mutual respect and honesty, contrasting with the pressure on politicians to criticise their opponents and say anything that might win votes.

Why should people become directly involved, instead of voting for politicians and leaving them to make decisions? Because politicians make costly or unreal promises, attack their opponents and create divisions. Live Forum TV doesn’t do any of that. The structure avoids party politics, by inviting participants to represent themselves, not a party or religion. That makes it easier for everyone to focus on finding the right answers, one issue at a time.

In short, Live Forum TV takes the delusions, insults and false promises out of politics. It reduces tensions and builds consensus. Want to know how? See

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