TV with a purpose

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The focus of television broadcasters on providing entertainment and information has been crucial in building their ability to reach people almost everywhere around the globe. Now the world’s most powerful communication medium is ready for a new and much more important role.

Television has immense power because it can deliver information immediately, clearly and attractively to billions of people. In recent years it has gained an extra dimension – the ability to gather responses or feedback from viewers. That has huge implications, including the potential to change completely the way that governments hear and respond to public opinion.

It is actually very odd, in our age of instant communication, that developed countries are controlled by a system of voting on pieces of paper at intervals of several years.

It’s even more odd that the system allows political parties to make impossible promises and then create mountains of debt. It’s an antiquated concept and millions of people are irritated and damaged by its failings.

The ability of television to gather public opinion quickly and accurately can change all of that. Live Forum TV has been designed to fill a gap in democracies and in countries that never hold elections.

Governments don’t have to reinvent their laws and practices. Live Forum TV can start immediately and inexpensively, beside existing government structures. It can be used in any country, with or without democracy.

Governments need to hear public opinion in a form that is realistic and usable, before public concerns lead to anger or even violence.  Live Forum TV offers the mechanism that is needed, to connect people with their leaders in a way that is calm, practical and constructive.

The opportunity has been created by the Live Forum Foundation in Geneva. It has huge implications for the future, described at

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