The race to become President of the USA

The race to become President of the United States is intensely competitive and some candidates are making statements to get themselves in the news, with little thought beyond their desire to be elected.


Politicians in democracies often make promises that cannot be delivered. Last year the Syriza party in Greece promised to ease austerity, in line with the wishes of many people and governments around the world. For Greece at the time it looked impossible and after the election, millions of disappointed voters found that, yes, it was impossible.  


Promises that may be little more than wishful thinking are made by politicians in every democracy, as they try to win votes. That raises a fundamental question: is it right or sensible that politicians who limit themselves to saying what is possible can lose an election to others who say whatever the public wants to hear?


Now ordinary members of the public can do better than politicians who make impossible promises. The potential was identified two hundred years ago by Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, who said “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government”. Underlying the wisdom of his point is the fact that ordinary people don’t want to be elected, so they are not tempted to make promises.  


Can Thomas Jefferson’s comment be turned into a safe way to steer a nation? Live Forum TV uses advanced technology and human relations for that purpose. It enables people to learn about ways to solve their nation’s problems, then vote for the preferred solution by telephone. The result is given to the country’s leaders.  


Thomas Jefferson knew that well-informed members of the public make more realistic and affordable choices than politicians. Live Forum TV won’t stop election candidates saying things that won’t work, but the dangers and damage can be reduced by inviting ordinary people to understand and vote on an important issue every week.

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