Who has the power in a democracy?

Will the next President of the United States, or others at the top of the US political system, be under pressure and influence from  wealthy supporters? To win votes, the candidates and their parties will spend millions of dollars, and those who provide the money often expect something in return.

Corporations may say that they create America’s wealth, so they are entitled to influence decisions, but is it acceptable to have weapons manufacturers pressing leaders to spend more on military equipment and even to undertake more military engagements? Influence in other sectors can be less alarming but it is still a concern if  corporations and others with special interests can influence government decisions.

Will candidates in the next race for the White House be able to avoid coming under  pressure from wealthy supporters?  Probably not, and some critics of corruption in politics are very angry about that, but instead of getting angry it’s better to find a way round the problem.

Since politicians may be steered by business or other private interests, a solution is to introduce a strong independent influence that cannot be corrupted with money.
Live Forum TV helps the public to become well-informed and then presents public opinion directly and visibly to political leaders. If self-interested groups press for decisions that suit themselves, this is the honest, practical and powerful way to steer politicians towards a balanced respect for everyone.

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