Does the West have free elections?

Protests in Hong Kong started with demands that the public must be allowed to propose and elect anyone to serve as Chief Executive. If the government of China were to agree, and allow anyone to become a candidate for election, would that make Hong Kong better, or more like western democracies?

In theory, voters in western democracies are free to elect anyone but in reality they are presented with one candidate from each of the main political parties. There may be other candidates without the support of a party, but it is very difficult for them to win votes.

This means that voters in the west cannot really propose and elect anyone.  The candidates that have a real chance of winning are selected by the main political parties.

So western democracies are not as ‘free’ as people imagine. They are not very safe either because, to win votes, the main political parties compete for votes by making extravagant promises. The public finds out later that the promises may not be delivered, or that they will add to their nation’s debts. In short, traditional democracy has many faults and it’s easy to see why many people distrust politicians and no longer bother to vote.  

Why do the UN and others insist that every country must have a system with so many faults? It’s because, until now, there has been no alternative.

Live Forum TV is the start of a new alternative, a safe connection between people and governments. It offers genuinely free votes every week and avoids many of the faults that cause people in the west to distrust and dislike politics.

In Hong Kong it can meet the needs of protesters without challenging the government of China or opening a door for extremists. It is a safe solution.

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