Can anyone be trusted?

The militia and armies fighting each other in Syria today face extremes of doubt and distrust. None of them know who their next attacker might be and the information war is equally alarming: promises and reports can never be trusted. It will take years to achieve peace, and much longer to rebuild trust.

Against this background of chaos, with danger everywhere, one might ask if it is ever possible to  be sure that a person or organisation can be trusted? Can we end the fear that any faction, army or government might tell lies or launch attacks to protect their own interests?

Provided a start is made before anger and hatred rise to extremes, there is way to reduce the danger of trust being destroyed in the future. Live Forum TV is designed to provide a new way for people to relate to each other and to their leaders.  That might sound good on the surface, but it is possible to be sure that the people involved in Live Forum TV, the intended solution, do not themselves have a hidden agenda? Why do they want to do this … and can they be trusted?

In Live Forum TV we understand that people want to be sure that we have no hidden agenda or intentions. It’s natural to wonder why we have chosen a job that is so complicated and difficult.

There are answers to these questions and many others in the short book Life After Democracy, written by Michael Davis, available online and from major retailers. In it he describes how his work over 35 years has led to the activities of Live Forum TV today. The book provides the complete background story, including the origin of new methods to reduce tensions and conflicts. It also describes how he learnt to be strictly neutral, which is essential for working with people at all points on the political spectrum, from tyrants and dictators to radicals and revolutionaries.

Names and dates are provided in the book to enable readers to check that the story is true. Most readers find that the background and basis for Live Forum TV make sense, and they see that there is no hidden agenda.

While the book explains where Live Forum TV has come from, it cannot control what happens in the future, so is it certain that users of the concept will always be honest and neutral? Future users will be licensed and regulated by the Live Forum Foundation in Geneva, which is required by its Constitution to protect balanced and open discussion, free from anger and aggression, and to replace political arguments with building agreements and consensus. The public can be confident that there will be no political bias because the Constitution is registered with the Swiss government, so it must be respected or the Foundation’s work will be stopped.

An extra safeguard is that the Foundation is run by people who are fully committed to its independence and its goals.  The President Michael Davis has a life-long record of using political neutrality and advanced methods to solve conflicts. Our Chief Executive Steven Tebbe, a graduate of the Kennedy School of Public Administration, has always put public interest ahead of personal gain. Samantha Sost, like dozens of others, gives her top-level professional skills to the Foundation. People like these, all round the world, are living proof that the Foundation is working for the good of individuals everywhere, by improving national and international relations.

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